People from all over have sent Milk Carton first-person stories on their milk carton boat adventures.  Most are terrific stories of taking on a new challenge, creative problem-solving, or just having fun with neighbors and friends.

These are their stories:

The First Races!  Donna Seline was a participant in the first Milk Carton Boat Races in 1971.  She took the video on the home page, and her crew has a compelling story.

The Big Yellow School Bus Two single moms build a prize-winning milk carton boat, make the papers and the nightly news.

Inga & Udder Boat  A group of buddies with no experience in boat building build prize-winning milk carton boats.

Nokomis Waters Canoe Area  “We were out-manned and out-milk cartoned” goes this gripping tale!  This article, from the Webmaster, was published in 1993 in a now-defunct magazine.  Highlights the 1992 Theme Race.