Kids Crafts – Creative Quilling for Crowds – Paper Art Fun!

Kids Art – Quilling for Crowds – “GLUEOLOGY” RULES

Quilling is the art of creating designs with narrow strips of paper that have been wound around a quilling tool to create a basic shape.(s-shape, heart, eyeball, coil, spiral, etc) The shapes are glued together and arranged to form all kinds of snazzy designs. Some would have you believe that this craft must be done with precision, with special tools, with only that one right kind of paper, and done itty bitty. But NO!

You can do fun quilling – with crowds of people, little people even! Hang loose, have creative fun with it, and forget precision!

This is an overview:


DON’T WORRY SO MUCH about the exact right paper, perfect tools or best glue.

Materials you need:

Scissors – kid size

Any paper. Any color. Construction paper can be clunky, but it still works. The BEST paper is recycled (and free). Don’t BUY paper unless you have to. Ask a printer for trimmings, leftovers.

Use a paper cutter, and ahead of time cut the paper in strips that are approximately 1 inch wide. They don’t all have to be exactly the same. A variety of lengths is good. Cut scads of it so kids have lots of choices.

White “school glue”. The BIG important instruction about using the glue is this:”Use TINY drops of glue!” I have often put the glue out in tiny cups with toothpicks sticking out, so the kids can only apply the glue in tiny bits with the toothpick.

Sticks- little round wooden sticks, toothpicks, or pencils work, determining how tight the curls will be. Preschoolers can wrap a strip of paper tightly around a pencil. Older kids are more successful with a toothpick.

The Action:

ROLLING the paper: there are a variety of basic curls. At your event, you want to be constantly demonstrating these, and have a variety of completed pieces available to see. Have pictures of the basic curls printed out for people to see.

You especially want to have samples made of very basic quilling art. Examples: a mouse, a heart. A mouse is 3 teardrops, a loosely curled tail, a roll for an eye, and that’s  you can go the next step and fill the mousie body with lots of s shape curls. A heart: use a heavier wider strip for the outside heart, and fill the heart with shapes.

SCIENCE MOMENT!!!!! GLUEOLOGY! Here’s the key to your success! The science of glue is this – the reason glue sticks things together is that the glue molecules mix with the paper molecules. SO if you apply a puddle of glue, it’s harder for the glue molecules to get mixed in with the paper molecules. SO- put a teensy bit of glue on one spot, and then you put the two papers together that you want to stick together, and then you SQUEEZE the papers together, with the glue drop in the middle-wow! Quickly it sticks and you can get on with it. Important for the kids to be able to get on with it!

WEAR IT-at a fair, kids need a way to take their creations along with them. Their quilling project could be fragile. Use heavy fishing line (oh thrifty you!).Hang their art off it, and they wear it as a necklace. Make sure everyone has an instruction sheet tucked in their pocket, so they can get hooked at home on this marvelously creative craft!

HOLIDAY THEMES:At a Christmas fair, we made quilling snowflakes, glittered them, and gave them as holiday gifts. Halloween, Valentines Day, Christmas, Dwali,  works.

There are so many ways to use quilling for gifts, ornaments, cards! This is a lifetime skill!